If you want to keep up with what I’m doing, you’ve got lots of options: the main ones are listed right on my homepage. However, if you want to reliably keep up with what I’m doing, your best bet is my email newsletter. Once a month—no more, no less—you’ll receive a summary of recent goings-on, along with a brand new story not available anywhere else.

You can also, optionally, choose to get a notification as soon as I release new work: whether it’s a one-off story or an entire book. The newsletter will also provide this information, but only once a month. You won’t miss out on anything by not signing up for the notifications: you just won’t hear about it until the next newsletter goes out.

To sign up to the newsletter, just follow this link. I’ll need your name, your email address, and your choice of newsletter and notifications or just the newsletter. I will never email anything you haven’t specifically asked for (you can change your preferences or unsubscribe at any time), and I will never provide your information to anyone else.

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