Ten Little Astronauts

My latest book, Ten Little Astronauts, is currently at Unbound: please consider pledging your support, and help make this project a reality.

Damon L. Wakes is an MA student at the University of Winchester, and writes just about anything that springs to mind. Though he does produce novels, he has had greater success with his short stories, a handful of which have made it into print. As well as promoting his own books, he hopes to share the work of others who are under-read, under-appreciated, or just plain awesome.

Awkward third person biography out of the way, I may as well say a little about this site. Though I’m active in a few online communities, I think it’s important to have somewhere to post things more permanently: books, links, information, anything that’s useful all the time. That’s what you’ll find here on WordPress. Of course, if you want the latest news you can check my blog posts right here as well.

You can also find me at:

deviantART   It may not be the most obvious place for a writer to hang about, but this is actually my favourite site for sharing work. The literature community there is comparatively small but tightly knit. If you like to write, I invite you to join!

Wattpad   A more literature specific site, this is where I share longer, more polished works. It has a very convenient reading app that’s great for keeping up with things as they’re written.

Goodreads   If you love books, this is the place to be. Through Goodreads, I’ve found scores of marvellous new titles and rediscovered a great many that I’d enjoyed and since forgotten. There’s something immensely satisfying about building up a virtual bookshelf here.

Twitter   In case you didn’t notice the tweets on this very page, yes! I’m on Twitter. Follow me for book related news and various fascinating retweets. There’s some great stuff out there, and I’m always keeping an eye out for choice things to pass on.

Smashwords   In my opinion, this is the best place to go for ebooks. One purchase gets you every format you could want, and they’re all DRM free.

Facebook   To be honest, I’m not a big Facebook user. Still, it’s a huge social network and so it makes sense at least to dabble. It’s also not the worst place in the world to find other writers.

Google+   This one’s at the bottom of the list for a reason. I should probably visit more often, but quite simply nobody I know uses it. If it’s your network of choice, however, feel free to shoot me a message!