The Crowd Scene

Crowd Scene Cover (with border) - Copy

The following was an April Fool’s joke for 2013. It is not a serious book. However, it does actually exist, and so the download link will remain here indefinitely. I believe that, if you have a quick skim through, you will be pleasantly surprised. The Crowd Scene includes cameo appearances from several characters featured in OCR is Not the Only Font, as well as a talking giraffe, a handful of A-list celebrities and some very, very lost hitch-hikers.

The Crowd Scene is a novella of approximately 35,000 words, and is available exclusively on this website. No Smashwords. No Amazon. The ePub, Kindle and PDF versions of this book were all painstakingly converted “by hand” and are presented to you here in their complete original form. Based on one of my flash fiction pieces (and being almost an expanded version of that story), this tale takes the written word to strange new places. If you like topical, complex, and utterly original styles of narrative, this is the book for you. This book will–I hope–remain an engaging read for years to come, but I have gone to great lengths to make it particularly relevant to the world of today.

ePub, Kindle and PDF versions are all available for download through this link.

Choose .mobi if you have a Kindle or read using the Kindle App on your computer. Choose .epub if you have (virtually) any other e-reader. Choose .pdf if you have no e-reader or e-reading app, or simply wish to read in your browser. You can also download all three formats in one .zip folder (useful if you’d like to share the book with a friend).

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