Robocopout CoverRobocopout is my collection of very short stories from Flash Fiction Month 2016. Following on from OCR is Not the Only Font, Red Herring, Bionic Punchline, and Osiris Likes This (though there’s no great need to read them in order), it describes the adventures of such favourite characters as Captain Redundancy the vengeful masked avenger and Girth Meatthrust Loinhammer, the unintentionally sexy fantasy villain. The book also introduces new characters such as Doctor Diplomacy and Unit 659-43-A.

There are also some serious works of literature thrown into the mix for good measure but for the most part it’s primarily exploding time travellers and disappointed cyborgs. I’m pretty sure there’s a dragon or two in there as well. There’s a wide variety of stories, would be the thing to take away from this.


Find this book at:

Smashwords   Available DRM free in any format you could ask for, including Kindle. You can also read the whole thing in your browser if you so wish.

Wattpad   Probably the best place to read in your web browser. The book can also be downloaded through the Wattpad app, though it is not quite as good as the other versions listed here.

Amazon UK   For paperbacks (and the option of free Super Saver delivery)!

Amazon US   For paperbacks (Super Saver delivery on orders over $25).

deviantART   Alright, I lied: it’s not the complete book. Still, if you’re interested in finding more information about any individual story, this is the place to go.