Osiris Likes This

Osiris Likes This CoverOsiris Likes This is a collection of very short stories written for Flash Fiction Month 2015. Following OCR is Not the Only Font, Red Herring and Bionic Punchline, it features a hugely varied selection of stories: each just 55 to 1000 words long!

You can read online either here on my website, on deviantART (home of the Flash Fiction Month event), or on Wattpad.

If you’d like to read the stories as a finished, polished ebook, it will soon be available for purchase.


Find this book at:

Smashwords   Available DRM free in any format you could ask for, including Kindle. You can also read the whole thing in your browser if you so wish.

Wattpad   Probably the best place to read in your web browser. The book can also be downloaded through the Wattpad app, though it is not quite as good as the other versions listed here.

Kobo   #1 for Android, and good for multiple devices.

Barnes & Noble   For Nook in the USA.

Nook UK   For Nook in the UK.

Apple   This link will redirect you to your local Apple site.

Amazon UK   For paperbacks (and the option of free Super Saver delivery)!

Amazon US   For paperbacks (Super Saver delivery on orders over $25). Again, you can buy it for Kindle here, but the free Kindle download from Smashwords is a much better option.

deviantART   Alright, I lied: it’s not the complete book. Still, if you’re interested in finding more information about any individual story, this is the place to go.