Beyond the Black Throne

Beyond the Black Throne is an ongoing interactive work featuring the Dungeon Lord—a muscle-bound fantasy villain who made his first appearance in Bionic Punchline—currently set to update every other Friday. Though the Dungeon Lord wants to be feared and despised, torturing anyone who dares set foot in his domain, he soon discovers that virtually everyone lured inside is somewhat…enamoured with his spiky black leather armour and his vast assortment of whips and chains. Needless to say, he’s not happy about this at all.

Fortunately, beneath each chapter in the Dungeon Lord’s escapades, there is a comment box where helpful (or malicious) readers can type suggestions as to what he should do next. Shamelessly ripping off Following the lead of webcomics such as Prequel, this means that the plot (and humour) depends largely on what suggestions readers submit. You never know what’s going to happen next, but you can influence it!

Also, there are cute/disturbing animations. So what are you waiting for? Help a Dungeon Lord out today!

The Lash of Khgharghag
…or else.

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