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The Blind Pegasus

Flash Fiction Month 2015, Day 12

In long-forgotten days the Titans dwelled. About this race nothing more is known, for theirs was a time of strife, and in their battles every scroll was burnt. For one hundred days the fires raged, their smoke throwing a shade across the world, so that from the ash of war a thousand years of winter bloomed, and from the winter Man’s first city grew.

Beyond the walls of that first city no crops thrived, for the earth was tainted by the dust of that great war. Barbarian hordes gathered in the corrupted lands, envious of the city’s wealth of grain, and so for centuries it remained under constant siege, neither side able to gain any ground. The stalemate looked set to continue for eternity, until one day a plume of smoke appeared on the horizon.

The Prince of the city saw the smoke and knew that the barbarians had unearthed a beast of war from the age of the Titans: a fire-breathing Chimera like those that had once seared the sky in service of forgotten kingdoms. Its hide was steel, its breath was wrath, and in its blackened footsteps a thousand warriors marched.

The Prince knew that no hero could stand against such a force, and so with great reverence he took his ancestral key and opened wide the gates of the Underworld, upon which the city had been founded. Four hundred fathoms the Prince descended, down steps carved by ancient hands, until his torch illuminated that which should never have come to light. Continue reading