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The Fermi Pair o’ Socks

Flash Fiction Month 2015, Day 6

“Captain, I’m getting a reading from the device with the blinky lights.”

“The one that goes ‘Voort-voort BING’?”

“Voort-voort BING!” pinged the device.

“The very same.”

“Great Scott…” The Captain stared around at the alien landscape. It seemed the least likely planetoid in the universe to be capable of sustaining life, but the device with the blinky lights was never wrong. “What are we dealing with here?” he demanded. “Is it carbon-based? Silicon-based?”

“Cotton-based,” said Science Officer Bunsen, waving the device over a nearby crocheted conifer. “And further, the flashing device that goes ‘beep beep’ indicates that there is movement just behind that knitted knoll.”

The Captain whipped his weapon from its holster. “Set phosons to prewash,” he instructed the landing party. Continue reading