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Silver Lining

Flash Fiction Month 2015, Day 16

Challenge #7: Write a Noir story with a non-human protagonist.

The side-effects were a problem. Not for Frank—it was his product, and an entrepreneur always stood by his product—but for business itself. It had been quite a while since he’d been able to act as the face of his own company. That was Tony’s job, though by now even he was getting a bit too scaly for the people on the street. Frank parted the blinds of his office window and peered out at the pinprick ember of the cigarette at the corner of the road. Tony spotted the sudden chink of light from the window and met Frank’s gaze, his eyes dim circles like a deer’s on the highway. Well, not like a deer’s, but not human either. That definitely wasn’t helping sales.

The phone rang.

“Yeah?” Frank ashed his cigarette into the coffee cup on his desk.

“Hey, Frank, is that you?”

“No, this is Frank’s secretary: the hot brunette with a voice like a cement mixer. Christ, Marty, of course it’s me!” Remembering that Marty was just about the last person who still bought in bulk, Frank added a laugh. “Now uh, how much can I do you for this week?” Continue reading