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Lente Currite, Noctis Equi

Flash Fiction Month 2019, Day 5

May 30th, 1592:

Christopher Marlowe is the talk of London. Those who were in the audience can scarce relate what marvels have been conjured on the stage: they have trembled to see Faustus sign his pact with Satan, delighted at the mischief he inflicts upon the Pope, marvelled at fireworks far beyond compare. It was as if Marlowe had summoned up the very flames of Hell. All who stood within that theatre recall the moment that the gates were opened, and—though the entire troupe was present—an extra devil stepped upon the stage.

May 30th, 1593:

Christopher Marlowe is the talk of London. Those who were in Bull’s Tavern cannot say how it happened—not even Ingram Frizer, whose dagger dealt the fatal blow—though they agree it started when the bill came. Someone might have mentioned Marlowe had a debt to pay. From there things became heated: diverse malicious words were exchanged. None recall the extra figure at the table, who later slipped away.

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