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Ten Little Astronauts One Week Away!

Ten Little Astronauts is now in print, just in time for its trade publication date: December 13th. The copies I’ll be taking to book fairs – including the Hampshire Writers’ Society Members’ Book Fair on the 11th – arrived just today!

This seems like as good a time as any to share the cover with everyone, especially because it’s already showing up on Amazon, where (among other places) you can now pre-order copies. Naturally supporters of the book got a look at the cover as soon as it went to print. Continue reading

Paperbacks at P & G Wells

If you’ve been following me elsewhere online (particularly Twitter), you might have already got the news that P&G Wells, the Winchester University Bookshop is stocking my paperbacks. Well, now that the Bionic Punchline paperback is available, they’ve got the complete set on the shelf.

Bookwells PaperbacksFun fact: this was taken by a professional photographer, but using a cameraphone.

They also tend to go out on sale at the university’s public events. One of my modules this term focuses on publishing and involves a lot of interesting speakers–authors, agents, publishers–coming in to talk not just to the students, but to anyone who wants to come in and listen (the speaker today is Marcus Sedgwick). So I that’s pretty neat.

Bookshop Paperbacks (spine out)On the shelf, you can see the start of the flash fiction series’ spectrum of colours.

I also find it interesting to see how the design of my books compares to the vast range of others nearby. The spines of the flash fiction collections really do stand out as a series. That’s handy, since the books are slim enough that even I can’t rely on adding a title or my name on the spine. I’m really looking forward to seeing how the look of the series changes as the number of books grows. Seeing them displayed on a shelf like this, it’s funny to think back to June 2012, when I first decided to tackle Flash Fiction Month. Back then I had no idea it would turn into something like this. I didn’t even really expect to finish!