Goldilocks Cover‘Funny,’ said Rose, ‘that
they should eat porridge, and at least two of them sleep in beds. Funny that they should have a house at all, really.’

‘Who?’ I asked.

‘The bears.’


It’s been a while since I found an ebook really worth sharing, but I think Anna Rose’s Goldilocks will not disappoint. It’s described as a “retelling” of Goldilocks and the Three Bears but, being really picky, I don’t feel as though it actually behaves that way. Fairy tales seem to be characterised by generic, frequently unnamed characters (the wolf, the woodcutter, the prince, the princess) and magic that works whatever way it jolly well feels like at the time. Goldilocks has none of these things. Well, the magic can be a little capricious, but the characters are at least aware of that. In fact, at the risk of giving things away, that’s actually fairly important to the plot.

The point is, Goldilocks doesn’t feel so much like a retelling of the fairy tale as a total expansion. The characters’ motivations are so much more complex, the setting is so much more broad, and the story is just plain longer. It also follows a completely different plot, but that’s to be expected: there are only so many bowls of porridge a character can sample and only so many chairs that she can break. The key points are still in there, however, and the book does seem to repeat a sort of motif of choices between extremes: bears and people, luxury and poverty, truth and falsehood. I guess you could say that most stories will follow a general movement towards an outcome that’s just right, but in this case it seems particularly significant.

It would be good to offer a little more information about what the book is actually about, but since so much of the appeal for me was seeing how the original fairy tale turned up, remained absent, or changed, I feel like that would be more of a spoiler than anything I could drag up from the book’s ending. As always, I can really just recommend downloading a sample and giving the book a go. This one’s not on Smashwords (which is handy for sampling multiple formats), but there’s still a handy “look inside” option over on Amazon. Go ahead and give it a try: Amazon UK Amazon US

The ePub version can be found through convenient links at Greymalkin Books


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