GUNBABY Available to Play in Spring Thing Festival

If you follow me on Twitter, you might already have heard about GUNBABY, the narrative game about a baby with a lot of guns. Well, I’m happy to announce that it’s now available to play as part of 2020’s Spring Thing Festival!

If you’re looking for something calm and gentle to play during these tough times of ours…this isn’t it. However, if you fancy an interactive tale of comedic ultraviolence and not much else then this might be just your sort of thing all the same. You can click here to jump straight into the game.

However, please do at least take a look at the other entries too. As an entrant, the rules prevent me from reviewing other authors’ games while the festival is running, but since the lineup has only just been released and I haven’t yet played any myself, it seems perfectly safe to point you towards a few that I think have particularly good cover art.

Ribbon nominations are due to open in a couple of days, so do check back then. I’ve never taken part in Spring Thing before and the whole ribbon system (as opposed to a traditional first/second/third) is quite intriguing. I hope you’ll check back and get involved as well!

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