Flash Fiction Day 2019

Stories written for Flash Fiction Day 2018: I’ll be updating this post throughout the day if you want to keep up. If you’d like to get involved with this event yourself, you can sign up here! As long as it’s still June 15th in your time zone, it’s not too late!



“Stop evildoer!” cried Sharkman, as his amazing shark tail propelled him swiftly after the ne’er-do-well’s jet-ski.

“No thanks,” said the evildoer, doing an epic jump over a really big wave before skidding to a halt on the beach. “You can’t follow me on land.”

“Mhhhhhh hmmmmmph faaaaaah!” cried a voice(?) from nearby.

The villain turned. There stood a figure with the head of a shark and the body of a man. He struck a heroic pose, his face set in an expression of…well, it was a shark face so it wasn’t particularly expressive.


“Mhhhhh hmmmmmmph faaaaah!” the figure repeated.

“He says ‘Not so fast!’” explained yet another newcomer. “For while Sharkman fights crime at sea, Manshark fights it on the land!”

“And who are you?” the criminal demanded.

“I’m Mansharkman. My superpower is the ability to interpret Manshark.”

“And here’s his sharky sidekick!” cried Sharkman, holding aloft a flapping sharky form. “Mansharkmanshark!”

“Okay, yeah, no.” The criminal threw up his hands. “This is clearly one of those stories that just degenerates into recursive nonsense, and I’d rather give myself up than have to sit through it.”

“Awww,” harrumphed Mansharkmansharksharkmanmanmansharkmansharksharkmanman. “You’re no fun!”


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