Cookie Cracker

Depending on how closely you follow my work – and in particular whether or not you’re subscribed to my monthly newsletter and all the goodies therein – you might be aware that I recently began supplementing my Twine projects with simple HTML5 games. For the moment these tend to revolve around well established (and thus easily replicated) mechanics, which is why the latest is…

Cookie Cracker!

If you’re familiar with incremental games (and especially if you’ve played Cookie Clicker specifically) then this will look a lot like what’s already out there. While I’m still getting the hang of Gdevelop5 – the tool I’ve been using for HTML5 games – it only makes sense to follow a tried and tested recipe (to keep things cookie-themed). However, even while aiming for a fairly safe format, I like to think that I’ll inevitably work in some new ingredients.

Cookie Cracker should be playable in any modern web browser, and there’s also an Android version if you fancy having it installed on your phone for some reason. You’ll need to enable third-party apps to do so, but Cookie Cracker doesn’t need any special permissions. It actually doesn’t save any data at all, so I’m afraid you’ll have to complete it in one sitting (regardless of whether you install it on Android or merely play it online).


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