#draw365 – a Drawing a Day

I’m not a big fan of New Year resolutions, but January 1st is a handy time to start a new project just for ease of keeping track. This year, I’ve been producing one drawing every single day (and this’ll likely be old news if you follow me on Twitter). It started – as so many fun things do – with Satan trying very hard to play the trombone.

I should probably mention at this point that I am not an artist. I sort of lucked out in that this first sketch of Satan pursuing his dream of playing in a jazz band was both amusing at a glance and not too poorly executed. It’s also kind of a nice frontispiece to the whole project, with the begoateed Prince of Darkness attempting an artistic endeavour despite a lack of any real progress to build on (though doesn’t work the other way around, as I’ve already been in a jazz band).

A lot of what followed was produced more to get something drawn that day than because I was particularly eager to bring that particular vision to life.

But though a lot of these have been largely forgettable, I’ve also drawn several that I’m actually very happy with.

Unicorns with chainsaws for horns have turned up a couple of times already (as you might expect), as well as generic green aliens who don’t have any particular link to my previous work beyond the fact that they tend to do the exact opposite of whatever you’d ordinarily expect aliens to do. There are also quite a few visual puns. (You’ll find Kevin Bacon on this page, and David Schwimmer somewhere in the Twitter thread.)

This has even possibly been improving my artwork in general, though it’s hard to tell if I’m developing any kind of skill or simply enjoying the benefits of a sort of scattergun effect where I do so many of these things that a certain proportion of them inevitably turn out alright. Almost three months into the event, this tiny squirrel is probably the best thing I’ve managed so far.

So why am I posting any of this now, on the 22nd of March? Simple!

Yesterday was the 80th day of the year, and the book I’ve been drawing in had 80 pages total. I’ll be tackling drawing 81 on page one of a fresh book this evening. If you’d like to have a look at the rest of the 80 drawings so far, you can check out the thread on Twitter, which I’ve been adding to every day.

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