Ten Little Astronauts One Week Away!

Ten Little Astronauts is now in print, just in time for its trade publication date: December 13th. The copies I’ll be taking to book fairs – including the Hampshire Writers’ Society Members’ Book Fair on the 11th – arrived just today!

This seems like as good a time as any to share the cover with everyone, especially because it’s already showing up on Amazon, where (among other places) you can now pre-order copies. Naturally supporters of the book got a look at the cover as soon as it went to print.

I find this works very well as a cover image in its own right – for reasons I went into in that (previously) supporter-only post revealing it – but it’s great to finally see it as part of the finished book. Check out these photos:

If you’d like to get hold of a copy but never got around to supporting the book during its crowdfunding campaign, please do consider pre-ordering one from your favourite bookshop: online or off. It’s showing up in Waterstones’ online store so you should be able to walk into any of their high street shops and ask for it. Obviously they won’t have a copy before the 13th, but they can order one in.

I’ve also got a couple of dozen to sell at events, but that won’t be much help unless you’re fairly local. Sales elsewhere will probably contribute more to its success anyway: they show interest in the book and increase the chance that any given shop will decide to stock it.


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