Help an Author Out?

Things are really moving along with Ten Little Astronauts, and the book is expected to release on December 13th: less than a month from now!

There’s more information about this over on Unbound, but since the people reading here are probably familiar with my work beyond this one book, I’d like to focus on something else entirely and ask if you could do me a massive, massive favour.

I don’t normally go chasing people for reviews, which is probably part of the reason my books don’t have many. However, with Ten Little Astronauts set to go off to the printers any day now, it’s likely that a fair number of new readers will come across my older work and I’d like for it to make a good impression when they do.

Currently none of my flash fiction anthologies from the past three years have a single rating or review on Goodreads (and they’re not doing any better on Amazon). This isn’t unexpected: they have a significantly smaller readership than the first three, which are available free as ebooks. However, plenty of people out there have read the stories and would be perfectly qualified to express an opinion on the books (which contain literally all the pieces I wrote for flash fiction month in any given year – they’re not curated at all).

Basically, if you’ve read my work and feel like helping me a whole bunch, here’s what to do:

  1. Pick a book. (They’re all organised in my deviantART gallery if you need a reminder of which stories are in what book.)
  2. Find it on your favourite site where books are reviewed. It doesn’t matter which one.
  3. Choose a rating. Any rating – whatever you think seems appropriate. I’m not out to beg for 5-star reviews.
  4. Hammer some words out of your keyboard. Do you enjoy seeing such a wide variety of stories all mixed together? Great – say that! Ideally mention your favourite. Alternatively, maybe you’re completely appalled by the mish-mash of hastily constructed narratives on offer and wish you could un-read them? Also great! Be sure to point out which ones made no sense at all. (Fun fact: Raiders of the Lost in Translation hinges on famously French treasure-hunter René Belloq being completely unable to understand French.)
  5. If you’re feeling really generous, go back to 1. But don’t feel obliged.

The reason I mention this now is that Ten Little Astronauts already has a dozen reviews despite not even being out yet. It’s almost certainly unrealistic to expect the same response to all my books – my flash fiction anthologies don’t have the backing of a publisher and I’ve not put nearly as much effort into promoting them – but it would be nice to see them getting at least a fraction of the attention that the individual stories seem to attract. As it is, they look a little neglected. If you fancy leaving a quick review, it would do wonders to help with that!

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