Announcing Wolf at the Door

Back in May I set up Codename Caerus: a game project bringing a team of people together to make something better than any of us could have produced individually. That something is still in the works – it’ll take more than a couple of months to see it through to the end – but we’ve made great progress and Codename Caerus now has a title: Wolf at the Door.

Our efforts so far have been focused on getting a demo prepared for submission to AdventureX. At this stage, it’s not in good enough shape to share – this one’s just to demonstrate that we have the bare bones of a working game – but it can be played start to finish and most of the gameplay that’ll appear in the finished version is already present in some form or another. In some ways it’s already more ambitious than what I first planned, as we’ve got in-game sound: something I wasn’t even sure was possible to do in Twine back when I organised this!

You might notice that as well as a title, we have a team name too: Deck of Bards. Here’s an incomplete list of the people working on this thing right now:

Sharang Biswas
Joey Jones
Hannah McLean
Michael Smilovitch

Craig Beard
K.G. Orphanides

Phil McArthur
Chess Pearson
Dominique Riley
Joseph M Wright

Maddi Chilton
G. Deyke

Do check out those links, because I was absolutely astounded by what these people sent in while I was looking for contributors. I’ve been even more impressed by what’s been created for this project in particular.

We plan to have a demo ready by November 2018, but I’ll be doing my best to keep you updated even before then. A couple of choice developments we’ve had already:

  • The village shop maintains its own stock and prices fluctuate each week.
  • We’ve got a standalone version of the game that will run without a web browser.

Currently the game contains only a fraction of the story we’re hoping to include, which is why most of what’s here has more to do with the gameplay than the narrative. It’s also likely that the final version will look quite different from the screenshots in this post: so far we have only a little artwork, and the only changes to Twine’s default style have been the ones necessary to make things readable.

Even at this stage, though, I think the game is really coming together. The work has shifted from getting things up and running – creating the various locations you can visit – to adding more for the player to encounter while enjoying the game. I hope it’ll really wow people once it’s ready to share.


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