June 16th: Flash Fiction Day 2018

This year National Flash Fiction Day is June 16th, and so that’s the day I’ll be hosting my annual flash fiction extravaganza. The rules are simple, so I’m just going to go ahead and copy the same ones as last year:

Before June 16th:

  1. Comment on this post letting me know you want to take part.
  2. I put together an “official” Flash Fiction Day post listing all the participants.

On June 16th:

  1. The event begins at the very start of June 16th, your local time. You can start writing any time after that.
  2. Write your first piece of flash fiction. Maximum 1,000 words, minimum 1 word. (I have read every conceivable 0 word story and am now bored of the genre.)
  3. Publish a blog post (or equivalent) titled “Flash Fiction Day Submissions” (or something more imaginative) containing that story.
  4. Post a link to your post on my official FFD post (not this sign-up one). I’ll approve it and add the link to the post itself as quickly as possible.
  5. Write more stories! Add those new stories to your FFD post (possibly with a note to say what time you started/finished them). You should end up with something that looks a little like this.
  6. That’s it! All your stories for the day are available in one place where readers can easily find them.
  7. When June 16th ends, so does the event. Of course, you’re free to stop writing earlier if you like.

That’s pretty much it! If you’re interested in the event, all you have to do now is leave a comment on this post letting me know and I’ll add your name to the list. You don’t need an account – or even to provide an email address – to comment (though if you do decide to comment without an account, please remember to enter the same name you intend to use on the day).

Remember: even though this event will run for 24 hours, it’s not mandatory, recommended, or probably even advisable to spend that entire time writing. Even if you write just one story you wouldn’t have otherwise, the day will have been a success. Even if you try and fail to write one story, that’s a good effort. And even if you’re some sort of literary Rambo who’s going to try and get their story count into triple figures during the event, it’s probably still a good idea to get some tactical sleepytime at some point.


  1. Lance Greenfield

    Reblogged this on Write to Inspire and commented:
    For the many writers who follow my blog, here is a fun flash fiction event to join. It is hosted by Damon L Wakes, author of Ten Little Astronauts.

    It would be great to see a few entries from my friends and please check out his books.

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