Ten Little Astronauts is Fully Funded!

We did it! Ten Little Astronauts has all the funding it needs to make it into print (and then some!). Unbound has just moved it over to the paperback list, which means it now has 131% of its target. That’s pretty incredible, and it’s all down to the people who pledged or just generally helped to get it in front of enough readers to make this happen.

I’ve written an update about this over on Unbound itself, but the news got out before I had a chance and already there’s been a lot of activity (primarily on Twitter, where news spreads quickly):

(There were others, but including them all would take up a LOT of space. Apologies if I missed yours out – every message means a lot to me!)

I expect to begin editing the book next week, and I’m really looking forward to it! This is the first opportunity I’ve had to work with a professional editor (on anything longer than a short story, at least), and at some point I should have a cover to share with you too.

If you haven’t put in a pledge but would still like to support the book, it’s not too late! Unbound will be adding to the list of supporters in the back right up until it goes to the printers, though personally I’m enjoying not having to promote the book for a while. I’ll be back at it once the thing is actually out and available for people to read, but until then my main focus will be making sure that the text is as polished as it can possibly be.

Thanks to everyone who helped get the book where it is today: I couldn’t have done it without you.

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