Join me at Southampton Global Game Jam!

From the 26th to the 28th of January, you’ll find me at the University of Southampton for the Southampton Global Game Jam, working on something that should at least vaguely resemble a videogame.

2018 will be my third year joining in with the Global Game Jam, but unlike the last two I won’t be making a trip to Brighton for the occasion. There are a handful of reasons for this:

  • Brighton is kind of a hike for me and between promoting Ten Little Astronauts and exhibiting Girth Loinhammer’s Exponential Adventure I’ve already travelled around a TON over the past few months.
  • I feel like I know a good chunk of the Brighton crowd by this point (and it’s pretty likely I’ll see some of them at other events later in the year).
  • I actually don’t know all that many game developers based near me, and this seems like a good opportunity to sort that out.

Because of all of that, I’ll be staying in Southampton this time around! One other upside is that I figure it’ll be easier for anyone I know who maybe doesn’t already make games but would like to have a go. My usual approach to these things is to turn up (possibly late, if the journey involves trains), wander about chatting to people, then join whatever group will have me and/or seems to be thinking through the neatest idea. However, on this occasion I figure I might actually be in a position to take a team with me!

Basically, if you can get to Southampton and fancy giving this a go, you’re more than welcome to tag along. These events are very relaxed. It doesn’t matter if you’ve never made a game before. If anything, people will probably be pleased to see you get your start. It can be a challenge to find a team that needs/suits your skills, but I can promise that if you’re working with me, you’ll have something to show for it by the end. It might only be written in Twine, but it’ll be a thing you’ve worked on that didn’t exist before that weekend and never would have been made without you.

Everyone has something they can contribute at these things. If you can code at all, you know more than me. If you can draw – even just doodles – the game is going to look a whole lot better than it would otherwise. Audio? That’s a struggle for me to work with, but chances are there’ll be somebody else around who can help. Even if your skills overlap exactly with mine and neither of us brings anything new to the table, at least we’ll be able to do twice as much.

So that’s it, really. If this sounds like something you’d be interested in, do get in touch. You can use the contact form here on my website, or basically whatever else you’d usually use to get me a message. It’s all good.



  1. ipsenscastle

    I think if I lived near Southampton I’d actually make the trip to Guildford instead – it looks like MediaMolecule are opening up their offices for it, which seems like a unique opportunity!

    • Damon L. Wakes

      That does sound pretty amazing, but Guildford is about as far away as Brighton for me. Maybe next year, though! I also feel as though I’ve kind of put off getting to anything like this locally: I figure the sooner I can do that the better, really!

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