Ten Little Astronauts at 200 Supporters and 50 Percent!

Ten Little Astronauts reached two absolutely enormous milestones on the very same day: there are now over 200 individual people who’ve put in a pledge for a copy, and they’ve collectively taken it up to 50% of its funding goal.

This is pretty fantastic, because as well as the truly massive supporter count – which is already larger than many Unbound titles ever reach – there’s now less money still to raise than has been raised so far. Yeah, it says 50% on the book page right now, but it’s actually a whole lot closer to 51%: one more pledge could do it.

With just over five weeks to go until the book’s Christmas deadline, it’s likely that whether or not it gets to 100% will depend on whether that pool of existing supporters will be able to bring in a few more people: it’s a lot easier for 200 people to each find one friend to join them in supporting it than it is for me to individually track down 200 sci-fi or murder mystery fans myself. However, if you are a sci-fi and/or murder mystery fan and you haven’t put in a pledge, please do consider doing that. As well as getting a copy of the book yourself, you’d be doing absolutely masses to further my career as an author, and since you’re already here reading this I’m guessing that’s something you’d like to help with.

One final note: the Anodised Aluminium Necklace reward level is suddenly in very short supply. Eight of ten have already gone, and there’s been some serious interest in the remaining two. As expected, these started to go quickly once there were just a handful left, so if you want to lay claim to one but have been holding off so far, do that now!

And a final final note: I was exhibiting Girth Loinhammer’s Most Exponential Adventure at AdventureX in London at the weekend, and I put together a very quick trailer to be played in the gaps between talks during the livestream.

So…yeah. I’ve assembled a semi-professional recording setup, and apparently this is what I use it for.

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