Ten Little Astronauts at the Agatha Christie Festival

I’ve been invited to talk about Ten Little Astronauts at the International Agatha Christie Festival on September 14th! If you’re in the area (or planning to make a trip to Torquay for five straight days of Christie-related goodness), you can catch me at the Platform taking place at 6pm in the Spanish Barn of Torre Abbey. I’ve written a little more about my talk on Unbound, but the main thing to mention about it would be that I’ll be giving an overview of how the book came about – from devising the mystery and researching the setting all the way towards its journey to publication – as well as reading from a couple of sections that won’t have been heard anywhere else (unless you were on my MA course!).

The Agatha Christie Birthday Celebrations last year were well worth the trip, so I’m really looking forward to getting a look around the festival itself. I was only there for the day (including about eight hours of train travel) last time, and even though I won’t be around for the full five days of this event, it should be a much more relaxed trip all round. If you’re there, do let me know and say hi!

The other big Ten Little Astronauts news is that the book has now passed 35% funding! Check out the video below:

Again, as with most news about Ten Little Astronauts, there’s more on Unbound. The main thing to mention here would be that, if you’re already supporting the book (or support it at any point in future), you can now read The Island and the Shapeless Beasts: a brand new Face of Glass myth describing the creation of the island on which the entire novel takes place.

Also, though 35% might seem a shade off halfway yet, Unbound typically considers 70% to be the point at which a book is guaranteed to reach its target. In that respect, half the challenge is behind us! If everyone who’s supported the book so far found one friend or family member willing to put in a pledge too, we’d be at that point already. Merely sharing the news around online would also help a lot.

Finally, I’d just like to point out that my 175 supporter draw – this one for my 2017 flash fiction anthology, We All Saw It Coming – is fast approaching. As I write this, the supporter count stands at 168, meaning that there are just seven slots remaining. In the past I’ve seen the final ten snapped up virtually overnight, so if you want a shot at getting the book, this is your last chance. This giveaway is for the first ever copy of the book to come off the presses. There will undoubtedly be many many more, but only one will ever be the first: I’ll be signing it and sending it off to one of those first 175 supporters at random. If you want it, this is your only chance to get it. Don’t miss out!


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  1. Lance Greenfield

    Reblogged this on Write to Inspire and commented:
    I met Damon Wakes at the Andover Writers’ Circle meeting last night. Not only does his forthcoming sci-fi novel, “Ten Little Astronauts”, which has parallels with Agatha Christie’s “And Then There Were None”, intrigue me, but his method of funding and launching its publication makes me think about possibilities for my own future.

    Unbound requires further investigation.

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