The Official Flash Fiction Day 2017 Blog Post

Welcome flashers one and all! During the 24 hours of June 24th (in their respective time zones), the people listed here will be attempting to produce as many flash fiction pieces (between one and one thousand words inclusive in length) as possible.

If you haven’t signed up already, it’s not too late! Just leave a comment on this sign-up post (no account or email required) letting me know you’re a new writer who wants to join in. You can then leave a link to your Flash Fiction Day pieces below. Separating sign-ups and submissions like this makes it easier for me to work out if I’m adding a whole new participant to the event or if I’m just pasting a link next to a name that’s already in there.

Here’s the plan for the day:

  1. The event begins at the very start of June 24th, your local time. You can start writing any time after that.
  2. Write your first piece of flash fiction. Maximum 1,000 words, minimum 1 word. (I have read every conceivable 0 word story and am now bored of the genre.)
  3. Submit a blog post titled “Flash Fiction Day Submissions” (or something more imaginative) containing that story.
  4. Comment with a link to your post on this Official Flash Fiction Day blog post. I’ll add a thumbnail next to your name as quickly as possible, but until then people can at least find it in the comments.
  5. Write more stories! Add those new stories to your FFD post (possibly with a note to say what time you started/finished them). You should end up with something that looks a little like this.
  6. That’s it! All your stories for the day are available right here so readers can easily find them.
  7. When June 24th ends, so does the event. Of course, you’re free to stop writing earlier if you like.

And here are the people who’ll be doing it:

AtypicalLily (A Few Flash Fiction Scribbles)

cxnnawayy (The stars in his eyes)

Damon L. Wakes (Flash Fiction Day 2017)

Domaex (Flash Fiction Day 2017)



GDeyke (Flash Fiction Day [2017])

Glasses-And-Blades (A String of Pearls [FFD Compilation])


InklingsOfOblivion (Flash Fiction Day!)

JayaLaw (Flash Fiction Day 2017: Puppets)


LadyBrookeCelebwen (Flash Fiction Day 2017)


Lucy Hounsom (Flash Fiction Day!)

MillieBee (Flash Fiction Day 2017)

Ndzoodzoo (Flash Fiction Thing, Let’s Go!!!)

OneWithTheStars (Kaleidoscope 2017)

Oreramar (Flash Fiction Day 2017)


PsychoPath-et-ic (Flash Fiction Day 2017)


sEvennall (‘Flash [ah-ah]’ Day)

Shona Kinsella (Flash Fiction Day)

squanpie (Flash Fiction Day 2017)

Stevyn Colgan (Flash Fiction Day Submissions)

TheBrokenBride (Flash Fiction Day 2017)


Tobaeus (Life on Earth [Flash Fiction Day 2017])

vigour-mortis (Flash Fiction Day 2017)


Whim-N-Wonder (Flash Fiction Day 2017)


Remember, unless June 24th is over in your time zone, you’re still more than welcome to join. Even if it’s ten minutes to midnight and you only want to hammer out a single six-word story just to say you did. Although this event was originally spawned as a crazy challenge between GDeyke and me to write a stupid number of stories in a single day, I figure that if it encourages writers to produce even one story they wouldn’t have otherwise, then even that is well worthwhile.


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