Unbound Birthday Giveaway

A really quick update because I’m just about to head off to an open mic night: Unbound is running another birthday-related promotion! This one gives you 15% off their entire fiction list (including Ten Little Astronauts) with code MayDay, and on top of that they’re also giving two free ebooks away with every pledge! Which books you get depends which day you do it:

I’ve written a little more about it over on the Unbound site itself, but this should hopefully cover the basics. Anything you can do to spread this around would be most appreciated: it was Unbound’s last big promotion that got my book to 30% funding so it makes a massive difference!

Well, I think this covers everything. Now I’m off to inflict a live reading of Girth Loinhammer’s Most Exponential Adventure on an entire pub garden. Bye!

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