Free Shipping at Unbound Until April 30th

If you’d like to support Ten Little Astronauts but haven’t already, or went for the ebook and fancy upgrading to a sweet, sweet paperback for super cheap, now’s your chance! You can get free UK shipping (or £4 off international) with the code FREESHIPPING until April 30th.

Apologies for the shoddy video quality. I seem to have burned a hole in my only micro SD card and had to use an older camera.

I’ve left a slightly more comprehensive post about this on Unbound itself, but the main things to take away would be that if you want a physical copy of the book then this would be a really good time to get it, and if you’ve already put in a pledge for an ebook then you’ve now got the opportunity of upgrading to a first edition paperback for very little indeed. Not only that, but if you do upgrade then you’ll be doubling the value of your pledge (but not the cost) in the process which would really help me out.

This promotion is only running until the 30th, so it would mean the world to me if you could help spread the word about it. Most promo codes knock the value off the pledges themselves, but this one offers readers a chance to save money while still ensuring that everything they pay in goes directly towards getting my work into bookshops. If you’re reading this, please don’t just click away: share it on Facebook or Twitter or, even better, tell someone you think would particularly enjoy my sci-fi murder mystery. A personal recommendation means more than all the shares or retweets in the world (though naturally those help too)!



    • Damon L. Wakes

      We’ll find out once I’ve had a chance to get hold of some kind of data recovery tool and see if it can salvage anything. I mean, there isn’t literally a hole in the card but the last time this happened I ended up with a chunk of memory that couldn’t be written/read even after formatting.

      • gdeyke

        And here I was hoping for an epic saga involving flamethrowers.

        Good luck with recovery, though: I hope it goes better than that last time!

      • Damon L. Wakes

        Nope. I might be breaking out a blowtorch for another project pretty soon, but no flamethrowers just yet.

        It’s not too much of a disaster really. I made a complete backup in September and think I saved everything since then separately. I’d like to recover the files if I can just in case, but it’s really just a question of whether or not I need to get hold of a new card.

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