MTW Guest Post: Miriam A. Averna Q&A


Another guest post today, this one a Q&A with Miriam A Averna. No Cure For Fear was one of the books that caught my attention early on the Mystery Thriller Week website (largely due to the cover, partly because I’m currently quite interested in mysteries involving drugs), so it’s great to have her on my very own blog!

Miriam A. Averna’s Work

Miriam A. AvernaMiriam A. Averna is the author of No Cure for Fear. A gritty, medical thriller that asks the question: can anyone be truly altruistic?

Eddy Miller, a local graffiti artist and cocaine dealer, has only one goal – to save enough money for his terminally ill sister’s care. When a blast from his past, Ralph, makes him an offer he can’t refuse, he ignores his gut feeling and takes on a dubious medical trial. This, in exchange for a chance to keep all the profits from the sale of a synthetic type of cocaine. But when things start going wrong, will Eddy care enough to put a stop to the trial? And what really lies behind the secretive medical firm producing these drugs?

Miriam A. Averna Q&A

How do you deal with writer’s block?

I don’t try and force it, if I’m not ‘feeling’ it then I do something else. Inspiration always strikes in the oddest of places and moments, it’s just a matter of time. I always carry a moleskin diary with me to write down ideas, scenarios, expressions and words that I like. Then when I am ready, I revisit those scribblings and hope for the best.

What drew you into writing the genre you do?

I love thrillers, always have done. They say you should write the genre you’ve read the most and I certainly have. My favourite thriller writer at the moment is Blake Crouch – love his ideas! Especially his latest novel, Dark Matter. But there are so many subgenres to this genre that it never gets old, in my opinion.

What are you currently working on?

So many things! The life of an indie writer is never a quiet one and I love it! So other than promoting No Cure for Fear, I am also working on a few side projects – a short story collection of all my stories, both short and flash fiction. I also co-run a horror flash fiction blog called Horror Scribes which I hope to produce a Christmas-themed horror story collection for.

And finally, I am starting research on my second novel which will be yet another thriller. I have so many ideas for it I absolutely can’t wait to get started!

No Cure for Fear is currently on Amazon for only £1.99/$2.99 or FREE on Kindle Unlimited.

No Cure For Fear CoverAmazon:


Twitter: @miriamaaverna




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