MTW Guest Post: Khristina Atkinson Character Bio


You might already be aware that I’m taking part in Mystery Thriller Week with my sci-fi murder mystery, Ten Little Astronauts. Well, as part of the run-up to that event I’ll be doing something a little different over the next couple of days: guest posts! Each one of these will be a chance to discover a brand new author with a totally different story to tell. First up is Khristina Atkinson with a biography of her character, Nathan Reed. If you like what you see, do consider following Khristina to keep up with any news: there are links to her website and works at the end of this post.

Khristina Atkinson Author Bio

love-and-murder-khristinaKhristina Atkinson has been writing historical and contemporary romance novels for the past six years.  Her love for westerns and spy movies is a major influence in her writing.  All of her books seem to contain a murder or two.
She currently has three series available on Amazon.  “The Seaside Slayer” is the sequel in “The Killer Attraction Series” and was recently released on January 11.  This is her favorite book so far, because she finally had to opportunity to elaborate on a short story she wrote in elementary school about a serial killer.  “Obsession of Mine,” the second installment in the “Undercover Romance Series” is available for pre-order and will debut on February 10, just in time for Mystery Thriller Week.  Kate Collins is her favorite character, even though many readers tend to dislike her.  Comments have ranged from “she makes bad decisions” to “I didn’t like the way she treated Nathan.”

Nathan Reed Character Bio

Numerous female readers have commented that they love my character, Nathan Reed. He’s initially revealed in Chapter Two of the first installment of my Undercover Romance Series. I’ll let the book describe his appearance for you.

“Kate’s partner was Special Agent Nathan Reed. She tried hard not to stare at him on their initial encounter. He had short dark hair, brown eyes, and was a little over six feet tall. His description probably fit over half of the men who worked at the D.C. Headquarters.

Being incredibly handsome made him stand apart from all the others. His nose was perfectly straight, and his lips were full. He had a cute, little mole right above his lips on the left side of his face. Kate surmised he was probably in his early thirties. His suit fit him well and showed off his spectacular physique, even though she was sure he didn’t earn enough money to have his clothing custom tailored.”

My mind created and carried around a past about Nathan for nearly five years. I eventually wrote three short stories about him and a few other characters, aptly named The Backstories. Nathan’s story starts from when his parents met. His mother, Meredith, is a supporting character in the series. I can think of a few choice words to call her, but a friend described her as a nightmare of a mother to her oldest son. He also has a half-brother, nearly seven years younger than him, and the golden child who can do no wrong in his mother’s eyes.

In How to Capture Kate, readers learn that Nathan is a former Navy Seal, and became an FBI agent at twenty-eight. He’s never been shot, but uses a scar underneath his right collarbone to fool Kate Collins into thinking he has. His move to impress women apparently worked on her too.

As Nathan’s relationship with Kate progresses, she asks if he’s ever been in love before. He replies with a firm no. She calls him on his lie, and he admits to thinking his former flame in college, Melanie Wilson, may have been “the one” until he caught her with his roommate.

Nathan was a bit of a player before meeting Melanie. After he stormed out of his dorm room that fateful day, he went back to his old ways for quite a few years. Turning thirty really hit him hard. He had no special someone to share his birthday with.

After their first briefing about a case and his initial encounter with Kate, he can’t stop thinking about her. She even manages to haunt his dreams as a vision dressed in all white. He has to have her.

Melanie comes back into Nathan’s life and causes trouble between him and his new love on more than one occasion. She’s definitely a problem that needs to be eliminated. He wants her out of the way.

Leo Kensington, a wealthy businessman with good looks and charm, becomes a rival for Kate’s affection after Nathan makes a mistake that she may never forgive. He has a hard time competing. Will he get his happily ever after with the woman he lovingly refers to as Angel, or has he lost her to another man?

Read all about Nathan Reed in the Undercover Romance Series with reduced prices, starting as I host the #MysteryThrillerWeek Live Interactive Facebook Event on February 14 during the 10:00 to 11:00 am EST time slot.

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