Captain Redundancy Takes 3rd in Competition

Captain Redundancy has come third in a competition in which he competed, taking third place! Find the entirety of the whole story – including the origin story of how Captain Redundancy came to be – on the Hampshire Writers’ Society blog of the Hampshire Writers’ Society.

Hampshire Writers' Society

December 2016 Competition Results

December’s adjudicator was Catherine Wild, Lecturer in Creative Writing, University of Winchester. Catherine is a PhD candidate on Comics Writing, with particular reference to Pat Mills, so is perfectly placed to adjudicate a competition titled ‘Introduce a new comics character’ with one picture if desired. Entries were plentiful and Catherine took time to enjoy them before writing her comments, which are below.

1st Place: Honey Stavonhagen – Piccolo Pine

2nd Place: Scott Goldie – Barb

3rd Place: Damon L Wakes – Captain Redundanc

Highly Commended: Wendy Fitzgerald – I am Freyja and Rosie Sutcliffe – Verda Beech

1 st  – Piccolo Pine by Honey Stavonhagen


Catherine Wild:Chosen for its full and clear character description, excellent layout and originality. It is believable and quite charming.

Name: Piccolo Pine

Power: She can control music and sounds. Manipulates musical staves to solve problems (a bit like Spiderman’s web-shooters).

Physical appearance: Six-year-old girl, curly afro…

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    • Damon L. Wakes

      I thank you for your thanks from the bottom of my heart, whence all thanks come, including this one, because it too is a thank and the bottom of my heart is the place whence thanks come (including this one).

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