Robocopout Available Now!

It may have taken the longest of any of my Flash Fiction Month anthologies to put together, but 2016’s collection – Robocopout – is now available, and for the first time ever I’ve managed to release the ebook and paperback simultaneously.

Robocopout Paperback Cover

Not pictured: ebook edition. Because it’s made out of electrons and they’re pretty shy.

This particular copy is already in the post to Jo Bellamy, the Ten Little Astronauts supporter who won the 100 supporter draw a little while back. If you want a paperback of your very own, you can get one on Amazon UK or Amazon US (and probably other places too). If you want an ebook, I highly recommend Smashwords which has every format you could possibly want and they’re all DRM-free.

Flash Fiction Antholoy Fan sam_2320

Every year my selection of flash fiction anthologies gets a little bit more garish.

However, I’m currently in the somewhat unusual position of having to say that my personal recommendation would be not to buy this book at all, on the grounds that a) I am currently crowdfunding Ten Little Astronauts, which is a much more professional book, and b) supporters of that book at the Collectable level and above will already be getting the Robocopout ebook when Ten Little Astronauts is released (along with electronic versions of all my other books, for that matter).

This year's Statistical Analysis is particularly confusing.

This year’s Statistical Analysis is particularly confusing.

Essentially, if you buy Robocopout then you’re only getting Robocopout, while if you pledge to support Ten Little Astronauts then you’ll be doing your bit to get my work into brick-and-mortar bookshops through a well-respected publisher and at most pledge levels you’ll be getting Robocopout anyway. You’ll also be getting supporter-only updates and places in other book draws along the way, so a pledge for Ten Little Astronauts really offers a whole lot more. Obviously it helps if you’re actually interested in tense, claustrophobic sci-fi mystery-thrillers, but since the main challenge in writing Ten Little Astronauts was condensing the spirit of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None into a much shorter, punchier story, I’m guessing it’ll appeal to most fans of my flash fiction.

Also if you use the code snowman16 in the next little while, you get 20% off. That brings the Collectable pledge (which includes all my ebooks) down to nearly the same price as the bog standard paperback, so if you’re after Robocopout then that’s very much the way to do it.

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