Ten Little Astronauts at 20%!

Ten Little Astronauts has now reached 20% of its crowdfunding goal, which means – as promised – the audio version of the first chapter is now available to all my supporters! If that link just takes you to the standard book page, you either haven’t pledged or you’re not signed in: either way, there’s an easy fix.  😉

Eleven (glitchy)

One thing you might notice (and may already have noticed if you read the excerpt very closely) is that the first chapter of Ten Little Astronauts is in fact titled “Eleven.” This is because the title of each chapter corresponds not to the chapter number, but to the number of crewmembers alive on board. As a result, the chapters count down rather than up.

This is the first recording made using my new equipment – a condenser microphone connected to a mic preamp and voice processor – that I’ve released online, so I’m hoping it’ll hold up favourably to the audio I’ve put out there in the past. I’m still learning how to make the most of the equipment, and I expect that the next few recordings will rely less on editing the sound in Audacity and more on finding the right settings to use on the hardware itself. “Eleven” does feature quite a bit in the way of ambient noise added in afterwards, however. If you’ve already pledged and you fancy having a listen, I recommend using speakers if at all possible: if you’re just using earbuds, chances are some of the detail won’t come through.

The next milestone reward will be at 25%, and it’s going to be My Name Algernon, an interactive work of science fiction produced for the same MA as Ten Little Astronauts (and which received a similarly high mark!). In the meantime, however, as the book is now approaching 100 supporters, I’ve got something else planned on top of that.

OCR is Not the Only Font Cover REDESIGN (Barbecued Iguana)Red Herring Cover (Barbecued Iguana design)Bionic Punchline eBook CoverOsiris Likes This Cover

Robocopout Cover

I’m currently working on 2016’s Flash Fiction Month Anthology – Robocopout – and since I know nobody has a copy of this one already, I’m planning to send a signed paperback to one of my first 100 supporters at random. It won’t just be “To [your name here], ta very much, Damon” either: I’ll write an actual message to you. The overwhelming majority of those 100 slots are already taken, but the next 11 people to pledge will still be in with a chance of getting the book. If you’ve already pledged and you’ve seen the supporters-only shed post, you might notice that it says “the next 12” over there. That’s already out of date.

All in all, some good things lined up for supporters of Ten Little Astronauts, and for the world at large there’s yet another collection of wacky flash fiction due out imminently. This one’s green. It’s got a car on it. I haven’t written the statistical analysis yet, but I don’t have Microsoft Excel on my computer any more so it’s looking likely that there’ll be photographs of Kevin Sorbo in lieu of graphs this year.

I’m not joking.


  1. gdeyke

    I’m impressed by the amount of effort you’ve put into the audio recording: the background noises are a nice touch, but I particularly like the way you’ve handled the dialogue. Nicely done.

    • Damon L. Wakes

      Thanks! I found that putting a little bit of an echo on it helped to distinguish it from the narration. I’m kind of tempted to see if I could record the whole thing, but the number of characters puts me off somewhat: I think I’d have to get a lot of other people on board.

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