Six Word Sci-Fi

In order to spread the word about Ten Little Astronauts a little farther afield, I’m running an event on Twitter. Retweet the following to get your very own six word work of science fiction:

You can find the stories so far at #SixWordSciFi.

This is actually a shameless rip-off of an event run by fellow Unbound sci-fi author Niall Slater, who offered spaceship designs based on people’s Twitter profiles. Bask in the interstellar glory of the HMS Agatha Christie:

To make up for totally stealing his idea, I’d like to direct people towards the campaign for his book, The Second Death of Daedalus Mole, a sci-fi comedy with one of the most engaging pitch videos I’ve seen on the site so far. In fact, you know what? I’m sticking it in here. Watch it; it’s funny.

This makes for rather a lot of embedded content in such a short blog post, but it’s all good stuff so I think it’s worth including. Still, to sum up the main points:



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