Ten Little Astronauts at Ten Percent!

Ten Little Astronauts has hit 10% funding. Double digits!

Everyone who’s pledged so far has done their bit to get the book to the stage it’s at now, and you’ve all earned my eternal gratitude. Still I’d like to thank The Writers at Lovedean in particular for having me over to speak and to run a little flash fiction exercise at their group: their very short stories had me very impressed! While I was there, Charlotte Comley also filmed me (and I her) for her vlog, so check out this video for my top five writing tips.

10% is quite a milestone, but there’s still quite a way to go. If you haven’t pledged already, doing so now would be a real boost to the book. If you have pledged already but want to help further, please consider recommending Ten Little Astronauts to a friend. You’ll have someone to follow along with, and the book will be that much closer to publication.


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  2. 500woerterdiewoche

    Tip # 5 is what I need to tattoo on the insides of my eyelids… I’m good at starting things. Not so good at keeping at them 😦

    Congratuations on the funding milestone! Here’s to the next 90% 😉

    • Damon L. Wakes

      I feel as though #5 should perhaps have been #1, but it seemed best to save the boring and practical tip for last.

      And thank you! I’m already past 10% now (up to 12% at the time of writing), so things are moving along. 🙂 I’ve got plans for further milestones already…

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