Ten Little Astronauts – Why Sci-fi?

A week and a bit since the launch of Ten Little Astronauts on Unbound, and I’ve just put out my first Shed update. This one – Why Sci-fi? – focuses on the reasons why I chose to take the premise of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were None and take it to interstellar space, and should hopefully be a bit of an introduction to the book for anyone who isn’t already familiar with the basic idea. That said, if you haven’t seen the video for the book already then I highly recommend giving that a watch:

If you’d like to read the Shed update – Why Sci-fi? – it’s available publicly through that link. If you’d like to read future Shed updates, I highly recommend pledging to support the book: some of them will only be available to subscribers, and I’m already having a good think about what I’ll include in those.

If you are planning to support the book, you might like to know that Unbound is currently running a promotion that offers £10 off any pledge. That’s £10 that won’t actually go towards getting the book into print, so if you want to do your bit to help out then I’d recommend looking at it as £10 worth of extra rewards rather than £10 off the cost: for example, I’ve just used the code myself to get a signed hardback of this David Bowie anthology for the cost of a regular hardback.

The code to take advantage of this deal is rio16, but do be quick: it expires at midnight on Sunday, UK time!


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