Ten Little Astronauts Campaign Live!

After days of planning, one of which involved getting up at 5:30am to film on board a WWII submarine, Ten Little Astronauts is now live at Unbound. If you’d like to see a hard sci-fi reimagining of Agatha Christie’s And Then There Were none become a thing that actually exists and that you can find in bookshops, now’s your chance to make that happen!

Unbound is a crowdfunding publisher. If you’ve ever organised a project through, supported a project on, or simply heard of Kickstarter, you’ll have some idea how the process works. The main difference with Unbound is that they’ll only take on projects they have some faith in: they already put forward the money to get me on board that submarine with a professional videographer!

However, in most other respects things do work a lot like on Kickstarter, right down to the goodies for supporters. If you just want to support Ten Little Astronauts, the minimum pledge is £10 and you get an ebook to read. An extra £5 gets you a first edition paperback as well. For £10 on top of that, I’ll sign your first edition and throw in every ebook I’ve ever published up to this point.

If you really want to help the project along, and/or splash out on some really neat stuff, higher pledge levels come with audio collections, signed paperback versions of my other books, glicée prints of the cover art, and even the chance to attend a writing workshop with me. There are also some (limited) opportunities to get a custom-written piece of flash fiction, or one of my award-winning chainmail necklaces, crafted from the same metal as the hull of the International Space Station.

Anodised Aluminium NecklaceAnodised aluminium: shiny, lightweight, and micrometeorite-resistant.

Never having run a crowdfunding campaign before, I’m not entirely sure how this will all play out. However, I’m expecting the necklace reward level to sell out pretty quickly as it includes signed copies of both Ten Little Astronauts and Face of Glass, ebook versions of everything and an audio collection of my most popular stories, all for £15 less than the usual price of the necklace alone. These necklaces have always attracted a lot of attention at craft events, but the weave is fiddly and takes a very long time: that’s why I’ve only committed to producing ten at most. If you want one, grab it now!

Of course, none of this will happen unless the book actually gets enough support to make it into print, so please pass on the message and help Ten Little Astronauts take off!

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