The Official Flash Fiction Day 2016 Blog Post

Here it is! The official list of participants for Flash Fiction Day 2016. From midnight to midnight on June 22nd (in their respective time zones) these fine writers will be attempting to produce as many flash fiction pieces as possible (from 1 to 1,000 words in length) in just 24 hours. If you haven’t signed up already, that link above will take you to the blog post where you can do that: I’ll be accepting new participants right up until the end of the event, so it’s still not too late to jump in!

If you’re trying to pick one of these to read, you may also like to look at the version of this list available on deviantART, where previews of each submission are available.

Here are the rules once again:

  1. The event begins at the very start of June 22nd, your local time. You can start writing any time after that.
  2. Write your first piece of flash fiction. Maximum 1,000 words, minimum 1 word. (I have read every conceivable 0 word story and am now bored of the genre.)
  3. Publish a blog post (or equivalent) titled “Flash Fiction Day Submissions” (or something more imaginative) containing that story.
  4. Leave a link to your post in the comments below (you don’t need an account or even an email address to do this). I’ll approve your comment and add the link to the body of this post as quickly as possible.
  5. Write more stories! Add those new stories to your FFD post (possibly with a note to say what time you started/finished them). You might consider tweeting each time a new story becomes available to read.
  6. That’s it! All your stories for the day are available in one place where readers can easily find them.
  7. When June 22nd ends, so does the event. Of course, you’re free to stop writing earlier if you like.

And here are the participants:

8-bitAsher   (FFD: Second Life)

CherryBerry545   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

DamonWakes   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

Divine Ink

FieryDownpour479   (Flash Fiction Day Submissions)

FishySomethingIs   (Flash Fiction Day 2016 – Diary of a Rivulet)

GDeyke   (Flash Fiction Day [2016])

Gracethewriterartist   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

Harlequin-Werewolf   (Flash Fiction Day Submissions – 2016)

ilyilaice    (Tea for Three)



IntelligentZombie   (Flash Fiction Day | The Graveyard)

JayaLaw   (Flash Fiction Day Submissions: The French Disaster)

juliesprite   (Flash Fiction Day Submission)


Lynn Love   (National Flash Fiction Day)

Mademise   (Eyes As Flame)

Megan   (Flash Fiction Day)

MillieBee   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

OneWithTheStars   (Kaleidoscope)

Opalflame   (2016 Flash Fiction Day [FFD])

Oreramar   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)


PsychoPath-et-ic   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)


ShadowedAcolyte   (Desert Drabble, A Flash Fic Day 2016 Submission)

Sonya   (Flash Fiction Day 2016: One Day, 12 Stories)

squanpie   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

TaintedTruffle   (Flash Fic Day 2016)

TheBlackRam   (Flash Fiction Day 2016 Submissions)

TheBrokenBride (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

The-Inkling   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

The-Livewriter (Flash Fiction Day Submissions)

TheRedSephaos (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

Tobaeus   (Janitor vs Egyptian God)

tolerablePessimist   (Flash Fiction Day 2016 Submission)

toxic–sunrise   (Spites and Snippets)


vigour-mortis / inconsistentsea   (Flash Fiction Day 2016)

Whim-N-Wonder   (Flash Fiction Day 2016 Stories)

WindySilver   (Flash Fiction Day, 22nd June 2016. My entries.)

WizardandGalaxy   (Flash Fiction Day Submissions)

xXMoreWithinXx   (Flash Fiction 2016 Table of Contents)

Zeptonyx   (FlashFictionDay June 22nd 2016 [All entries])

If you participated (or simply watched in amusement) last year, you may notice that there are a fair few more participants this time around: over three times as many! It’s great to see this kind of growth for such a new event, and I hope we’ll get even more writers jumping in before the day is done. Remember: unless June 22nd is actually over, there’s still time to get involved! Simply sign up here, then start linking to your stories in this very journal once you’ve written some.

I also feel as though this would be a good place to mention that FlashFlood is open for submissions right up until the end of the 22nd, so if you already have a flashfic of 500 words or less that you’d like to contribute, or find time to polish up one of your entries for Flash Fiction Day, I’m sure they’d be happy to have it. The timing is quite convenient, at the very least!


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