Alresford Literary Festival and Book Fair

On Saturday the 4th of June, I’ll have a table set up at the Alresford Literary Festival from 14:30-16:30. I’ve never been before, but Robert Hardy (who played Cornelius Fudge in the Harry Potter Films) is going to be there so it promises to be a pretty interesting event. I’m hoping I’ll get a good chance to talk to people while I’m not manning my table.


The display is more or less finalised, but prices aren’t yet. (Sadly, the Osiris Likes This paperback won’t actually be going for £1!)

I’ve taken the opportunity to build on my display from last year’s Hampshire Writers’ Society Book Fair. The publication of Osiris Likes This hasn’t shaken things up too much, as it occupies a space that used to be taken up by flash fiction ebook CDs. Though the ebooks on disc have been handy as freebies–and the processes involved in creating them proved absolutely essential for one of my more adventurous MA projects–they’ve never attracted a lot of interest and Osiris Likes This is far more deserving of the space. Plus I gave all the CDs away at last year’s Writers’ Festival, so it’s something of a moot point.

On the Face of Glass side of things, I’ve adjusted my stand to reflect the book’s new matte black cover. I still have a handful of the glossy colour paperbacks and some ebook CDs in the same style, but I think they work well enough alongside the new ones. If anybody desperately wants one of the older paperbacks, now is the time to speak up because when these are gone, there will be no more!


If you look closely, this photo really shows the difference in detail between the old and new Face of Glass covers.

Since I now have a steady job–and my sales of handmade jewellery are gathering steam–I found I could afford to order in substantially more books to have on hand than I could this time last year. Self-publishing really needn’t cost a lot of money, but keeping a stock of hard copies is something of an exception to that: physical items will inevitably cost something, and when you need multiple copies of each item it all adds up. Here, I think it’s worthwhile, though. I want to be sure that anyone who wants a copy at the Literary Festival will be able to buy one, I still feel as though I owe copies of the books to certain libraries (and the Pitt Rivers museum, which inspired much of Face of Glass), and I’ll be leaving some with the university bookshop for the Winchester Writers’ Festival again this year.

On top of that, this year’s Hampshire Writers’ Society Book Fair is coming up on Tuesday the 14th of June, so I’ll need to make sure I still have enough by then.

If you’re in the area on Saturday and would like to attend the Alresford Literary Festival, it’s in Perins School Hall. The event runs from 10am-7pm and I’ll be there with my books from 2:30-4:30 (plus a bit longer to look around). Tickets are £10 per speaker or £25 for the day, but I believe there’ll be an opportunity just to wander around for free: in my experience the actual speakers are only half of these events.


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