Project Proteus Competition Entries

April 1st is now over worldwide, so I can post a complete list of entries for my Project Proteus competition:

The following is a transcript of a radio programme which aired on 14th July [CENSORED], transmitted from channel [CENSORED], presented for the attention of [CENSORED] in relation to PROJECT PROTEUS.


I was recently granted the sort of once-in-a-lifetime chance that most journalists can only ever dream about: the opportunity for an interview with a person so unique, so unusual, that everything about them shakes the very foundation of all that we have so long accepted to be true.

Mascot of the Revolution by G. Deyke

Hey, you have to check these guys out!

“Project Proteus”?  Sounds like some crappy prog-rock group!  Isn’t their singer like some sort of newspaper reporter or something?

Project Proteus by jdeyke

Despite the really short window for submissions, I’m going to have a tough time choosing a winner: I’ll be announcing the results tomorrow. In the meantime, please enjoy the fantastic entries above and, if you haven’t already, explore Project Proteus for yourself.


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