Osiris Likes This – Paperback Available

The paperback version of Osiris Likes This is now on sale!

 Osiris Likes This Front Cover

The book should be appearing at several online retailers, but for the moment Amazon UK and Amazon US (or your local tentacle of the Amazon shoggoth) are likely the simplest, most reliable places to get it. If you feel like chucking some extra royalties my way, you can also order direct from Createspace, though you may not get the best deal (especially if shipping to the UK: Amazon UK offers free shipping on orders over £10).

Osiris Likes This Back Cover

Here’s the blurb, in case you haven’t already read the stories.

This has taken longer than I would have liked (and seriously eaten into the time I could have been spending on National Novel Writing month), but ultimately I think it was a job worth tackling sooner rather than later. I’m due to talk about my work at Winchester College later this week, so I wanted to have all my stories bundled up in paperback form ready to take over there.

Though I’d been putting this off partly because I’d been busy with (initially) my MA course and (later) Outpost, the other big reason was that I’ve switched from a shop-bought Windows laptop to a self-assembled Ubuntu desktop and half the software I’ve been using to produce my books is no longer available to me. The extra computing power has opened up some interesting new options for me (watch this space…), but the new operating system takes a certain amount of getting used to and for a project as big as a book it’s bound to slow me down initially.

Osiris Likes This Interior

Still, the whole process went pretty smoothly, and most of the extra time was spent just double-checking that everything was appearing as it should be. Osiris Likes This contains some particularly unusual formatting (and conveniently the two most prominent examples occur right next to each other, visible in the photo above), so I wanted to be sure that the new computer setup wasn’t causing any problems of its own. I ended up going back to the old laptop just so I could use the same interior template as before, but everything else was done on the new machine and went pretty well. The cover especially was far, far simpler to create and upload.

Paperback Stack

I’ve built up quite a collection of books by now, and I hope that anybody who’s been waiting to add this one to their shelf will be happy with it. Regardless of the tools I use to produce these things, at this point the basic design at least should be consistent and I’ll be planning future books in the series around the general appearance of the four above. However, as time goes on I’m also branching out a little more, so there’s one more bit of news for this post…

All my books are now available on Kindle through Amazon!

They’ve always been available on Kindle through Smashwords, but I realise that it can be daunting trying to get Kindle books from anywhere other than the storefront the device itself funnels customers towards. Amazon won’t let me price the first three books at “free” as they are everywhere else on the internet, but if you’re happy to pay a token amount for the convenience of getting them through the Kindle store itself, you’ve now got the option.

This is something I’ve been meaning to do for a while: the main push just now was that since Osiris Likes This costs money everywhere, there was no reason to exclude it from the Kindle store, and once Osiris was going to be in there, there was no reason to exclude the others. As an added bonus, Kindle Matchbook will allow eligible customers to download any of my Flash Fiction Month books for free if they’ve already bought the paperback (though I believe this feature is currently US-only).

So to sum up, Osiris Likes This is now available as a paperback book at Amazon UK, Amazon US, Createspace and probably other places too. In addition to this, all my books are now available through the Kindle store.


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    • Damon L. Wakes

      Great! I’m still tweaking the first three a little (taking out first paragraph indents, that sort of thing), but should hopefully be done with that well before Christmas. I can let you know when I’ve made the changes if that helps at all.

      Sorry not to get back to you sooner–particularly about this–but I just started a new job and was out pretty much every day this week.

      • Damon L. Wakes

        It’s been a busy several days. Just discovered I have an eleven and a half hour shift coming up as well, so that’ll be interesting.

        I accepted the proofs for the new flash fiction books today, by the way. They should be available as soon as Amazon manages to get them back in the shop. The old versions were in perfectly good shape as they were, though: the main reason I chose to tweak them now was that I was already adding Osiris Likes This to the end matter.

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