The Frabjous Day Picnic

Flash Fiction Month 2015, Day 29

“Did you remember to pack the vorpal cheeseknife?” enquired the March Hare.

“I thought you had it,” yawned the Dormouse.

“Brillig,” grumped the Hare. “Just brillig. How are we supposed to cut the manxome cheddar now?”

The Dormouse had no answer to this.

“We can’t possibly do without cheese,” put in the Hatter, “when we’re all crackers.”

Everyone groaned, except the Dormouse, who instead began to snore.

“I say,” began the Hare. “Jubjub Bird? Could you be a dear and fetch the vorpal cheeseknife?”

“Fetch it yourself,” snapped the Jubjub Bird, from atop a nearby Tumtum tree. “I’m not gallumphing back all the way through the mimsy borogoves.”

“My, you’re in an uffish mood today.” The Hare folded his arms. “Without that vorpal cheeseknife, none of us can have so much as a snicker-snack.”

Just then, the Bandersnatch emerged from the slithy toves.

“Ah!” The Hare waved. Even the most mature manxome cheddar couldn’t withstand the claws of the Bandersnatch. “Little help over here?”

But the Bandersnatch ignored him, whiffling on its way.

“I think he’s upset that we shunned him,” remarked the Hatter.

“Upset?” cried the Bandersnatch. “I’m frumious!”

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