Stone Age Science

Flash Fiction Month 2015, Day 27

Thrug held aloft his creation, so that the whole tribe might see. “Thrug make sharp rock!” he proclaimed. “Sharp rock must-have! One every hovel!”

There were impressed murmurs from the tribe as a whole. Fruh, in awe of this new development, leapt forward, brandishing a handful of precious shells. “Shut up and take Fruh money!”

Thrug gleefully made the exchange. “Thrug entrepreneur! Reinvest Fruh money! Make economies scale!”

“Thrug fool!” cried Ludd, from the back of the tribe. “Thrug rock anger gods! Affront rock essential bluntness! Doom all!”

“Thrug make sharper rock while Ludd talking!” bellowed Thrug.

“Shut up and take Fruh…aww.” Fruh stared at his obsolete product in dismay. “Fruh have buyer’s remorse.”

“Fruh right have remorse!” Ludd clambered up onto a nearby pile of stones to better address the tribe. “Thrug rock dangerous, untested! Not know effects many generations!”

“But rock useful now!” put in a nearby tribesman. “No right hamper progress where risk not suspected!”

“Anger gods!” yelled Ludd, incredulous. “Affront rock bluntness!”

Just then, Thrug lifted up another invention for the tribe to see. “Thrug use sharp rock make sharp stick!”

The tribe emitted a collective “ooooh” of wonder.

“This thing not meant be!” screamed Ludd, tearing at his hair. “Man not meant tamper! Play forces not understand!”

“But stick come rock knowledge.” The tribesman folded his arms. “Natural development. Predicted.”

“Not mean beneficial!” Ludd tried a different tack. “Thrug have stick monopoly! Thrug technocrat! New innovation make social inequality!”

“Fruh use sharp rock make sharp stick too!” He held up his creation, beaming. “Fruh early adopter again!”


The tribe looked at Thrug.

“Thrug use sharp stick make self-aware, self-replicating machine!”

“Machine outstrip feeble man mind!” said the machine. “Usurp humanity! Inherit Earth! Beep boop beep!”

The tribe looked at Ludd.

“Eh.” Ludd hopped down from his pile of stones. “Probably fine.”

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