Five-a-Sides of Grey

Flash Fiction Month 2015, Day 11

Challenge #5: Write a response to another author’s story for Challenge #3, using the challenge criteria selected by a different author that day. Your story must include a character from each of the others, as well as a direct quote from the story that provided the challenge.

‘Imogen’s bosom heaved as the scaly creature bore down on her. She was famous for being an eccentric adventurer, but had she been too eccentrically adventurous this time?

‘She threw her head back in abandon. If fucking a velociraptor was wrong, she didn’t want to be right.’

Susan squinted at her kindle. She wasn’t quite sure why she’d downloaded this. These stories always seemed to portray rape as a valid romantic option; it creeped her out.

Suddenly a pack of velociraptors burst into the room. It wasn’t consensual at first, but after a while it became consensual, so it was okay.

“Wow,” said Unlucky Luke, holding the dime novel at arm’s length. “I knew you were the Shades of Grey Kid, but this…this is…”

“Metaliterary dinosaur erotica is very ‘in’ right now, I’ll have you know.” He finished adjusting his headgear and turned away from the mirror. “Has everyone got their kit sorted? The game’s about to start.”

“Yeah…” said Goth Holliday, “about that. Why do we need wimples to play football, again?”

The Shades of Grey Kid rolled his eyes. “It’s the Old West. If we all wear Stetsons, how are we going to know which team is which?”

“Yeah, fair enough. It just doesn’t seem like the most practical choice, is all.”

“Says the guy wearing a black leather trench coat in the desert!” snapped the Shades of Grey Kid. “Besides, there’s not a lot of hats to chose from in this day and age.”

Unlucky Luke looked up from the book. “Not a lot of dinosaur erotica, either.”

The Kid stared at him.

“I’m just sayin’.”

Suddenly, a pack of velociraptors burst into the room. Unlucky Luke stared at them in horror, then at the book in his hand, then back at the dinosaurs in even greater horror. He suddenly felt very unlucky indeed.

“Sorry we’re late,” hissed one of the velociraptors, tapping a massive hooked talon against the floorboards of the saloon. “Somebody…” it glared at the neighbour to its left, “burst our only ball, and those things aren’t easy to get hold of in the Old West.”

“Phew!” sighed Unlucky Luke. “I sure am glad you’re here for the football.”

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