Winchester Writers’ Festival 2015

Pretty much as soon as last year’s Winchester Writers’ Festival wrapped up, I was determined to go to the next one as well. The events were fun, the speakers were helpful, and the fact I knew I’d be a Winchester MA student this time around was also quite a factor. It’s not a cheap event to go to, but having made the most of a one-day ticket in 2014, I figured it would be well worth doing the same again. Coming up to this year’s festival, things are going even better than I expected.

First and most importantly, I’ve managed to get a scholarship!

Thanks to the University of Winchester, I’ll be able to attend all three days of the festival. That means even more opportunities to meet one-to-one with agents and authors, which this time around will be a huge help to my academic work as well as my writing in general.

Second, and also pretty cool, I won the festival’s #140filmpitch competition!

The competition was judged by Julian Unthank, and the prize was this pair of books on story and scriptwriting:

Into the Woods and Save the Cat Strikes Back!

Into the Woods and Save the Cat! Strikes Back.

These will also be spectacularly useful for my university work. I’m taking a module in scriptwriting at the moment, and I almost bought Save the Cat literally the day before I found out I’d won these. Scriptwriting is both the most difficult and most interesting element of my course just now. Only five other people are doing it, which was kind of daunting at first but it’s given me a chance to really get into everyone else’s stories and to develop my own as part of a really tight-knit group.


  1. 500woerterdiewoche

    Congratulations! When is filming going to start? 😛

    That sounds awesome, and in my experience, small courses are very very exhausting but also very very valuable, both because they tend to be very very intense. So take away all you can, and when you get that Oscar for Internationelf Diplomacy*, remember to thank the University of Winchester!

    *Yeah, I suck at puns. I’m sure you’ll think of a better title.

    • Damon L. Wakes

      Well, given that filming would require that I actually write that script, probably never. XD The premise is funny, but I imagine it’d be a nightmare to build a solid plot around it.

      Internationelf Diplomacy is as good as anything I can come up with for a title. Which is annoying, because I’ve got tons of punny character names: Vladimir Munchkin, Boris Yestsimp, Mikhail Gorbachelf… the reason they’re all Russian is because I’ve spent the past several weeks researching for a script set in Moscow, but I’m sure the same basic joke would work for other names.

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