Bionic Punchline Paperback Out Now

Fans of big purple bionic boxing gloves rejoice! My third free collection of flash fiction stories, all of which are readily available on this very website, is now available in a non-free paperback format!

Bionic Punchline Front Cover

I’m really pleased with how this turned out, because the boxing glove took the most editing out of any of the cover images so far. It was also the first cover made without the direct assistance of JD McDonnell, though given that he left me with a very solid format to follow, I’m nut sure exactly how much I could screw up on my own.

Three Book Rainbow Party

It’s like there’s a rainbow party on my shelf, and only three guests have turned up since 2012!

Beyond the general appeal of a book that’s been constructed as an object for the shelf, rather than a bundle of HTML files with reflowable text, Bionic Punchline does benefit from the format more than the others. For one thing, the number of flash fiction pieces I have under my belt at this point (between these three collections there are 93 of them) has let me put together a more comprehensive statistical analysis this time around, so Bionic Punchline has more graphs. And if comprehensive statistical analysis doesn’t make you want to pick this thing up and skip right to the end, you haven’t seen what I can do with a line graph.

This is an actual graph from the end matter of Bionic Punchline.

This is an actual graph from the end matter of Bionic Punchline. I’m not kidding.

This stuff is available in the free ebook as well, but the graphs are limited to 500 pixels wide and they don’t fit so nicely with the rest of the text. The print format is also great for one story in particular, The Ultimate Showdown of Ultimate Destiny.

The Ultimate Showdown

That’s not something I could have done in the ebook. Ebooks are great for a whole lot of things–they’re easy to get hold of, share, and carry around–but neatly laid out, what-you-type-is-what-you-get text just isn’t one of them. You can’t start a story with horizontal lines and then suddenly have it trail off down the page. They also don’t have back covers, which is a shame because the stories have attracted enough comments over the years for me to really make use of that space.

Bionic Punchline Blurb

If you want a copy for your shelf (perhaps to keep OCR is Not the Only Font and Red Herring company), it’ll set you back £3 on Amazon UK or $6 on Amazon US. If you want to chuck a tip my way, you can also buy straight from Createspace, the printing company, which gives me more (read: “some”) money in royalties. However, Amazon typically offers better rates for shipping, especially in the UK. The low pricing is for my convenience as much as anyone else’s, so if you want a copy then just buy it wherever’s easiest for you.


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