Belated New Year Mega-Update

Why, hello there! It’s been a while.

It’s actually been so long that I’m struggling to remember exactly how much progress I’ve neglected to update people with. First things first, I guess, back in 2012 I made the first little bit of Inhuman Resources available online and, in response to the interest it gained, promised I’d let everyone know how it was getting along. Well, that didn’t go entirely as planned. I figure I’ve mentioned it perhaps two and a bit times in those two and a bit years. However, in this case no news is good news: I’m actually still working on it on a semi-regular basis. The main thing slowing it down at this stage is that other, smaller projects (and various jobs I’ve had, and the Master’s course I’ve since started) end up taking priority.

I’d also like to reassure people that, though it’s been a while since the last chapter appeared, Beyond the Black Throne will also continue. It might even continue soon, since the next chapter is already written. My main concern at this point is that I set a schedule that won’t involve immediately dropping it for several more weeks in a row. Which leads in nicely to the next thing it’s probably worth mentioning:

I have been ridiculously busy for at least the last month.

It’s hard to tell at what point “DO ALL THE THINGS!” turned into “Do all the things?”, but it did. Spectacularly. In fact, the entire blog post that I nabbed that cartoon from is worth a read partly because chunks of it pretty much describe that exact situation. The main difference would be that I pretty much had to finish the particular selection of things I’d set myself up to do, and that’s why my unread emails have now hit quadruple figures.

First there was the Master’s course, which is pretty much the biggest, most long term thing I’ve got going on at the moment. The end of term meant the deadline for my ridiculously ambitious digital interactive fiction project, which I should probably point out I jumped into 100% voluntarily. Regular linear prose would have been totally acceptable for that module, it just didn’t fit with the idea I had. And even that–last-minute software shenanigans and all–would have been no problem if it had been the only thing I had to deal with.

The next big thing that was going on was the seasonal job I managed to get for the second year in a row. While that’s not anywhere near as long term as the Master’s course, it’s still a pretty big deal. Obviously if you’ve got a shift, you have to be there, so that was a chunk of time that I absolutely positively couldn’t use for anything else.

Finally there were the craft markets I’d signed up for (and I’d had some planned for months in advance). As well as the events themselves eating up about a day a week in the month before Christmas, there was naturally a fair bit of preparation, pricing and jewellery making outside of those days. Also trips to the bank, because it cost a fair bit just to turn up at these things. It was actually kind of nerve-wracking at times–mostly times when it was looking like I wouldn’t even make back the money I paid for the privilege of sitting out in the cold all day–but ultimately turned out really well in the end. I’ll likely write something more detailed about the whole experience once I’ve had a chance to get some photos sorted, but for now here’s one I made earlier.

SAM_1526I don’t do many rings, but the square profile wire I’ve started using recently seemed like just the thing to form the shank, and I spotted some cubic zirconia online that seemed like the perfect focal element to match. The photo was a little fiddly because it’s so small: I did manage to get one clearer than this, but it didn’t show off the stone nearly as nicely.

SAM_1525So while I haven’t really been doing anything online for the last little while, there’s actually a fair bit that I would have shared if I’d had the time. For example, shortly before I got my current job, the very shopping centre the shop is in did an after-hours showing of Dawn of the Dead. I didn’t actually get to see it, but I did get to shamble out from behind the screen in full zombie costume. As part of a horde. It  was pretty awesome.

In other horror-related news–and I’m really kicking myself for not getting this out there sooner–Thomas Venner has finished another Alterworld illustration, this one from Echoes.


Copyright Thomas Venner, 2014

I still can’t get over the detail he manages to pack into these. The costume is just spot on for the setting, right down to the apparatus on the figure’s back: something that was never explicitly described in the story. Writing is usually pretty lonely work, so it’s really something to be working with someone who really understands the setting in this way.

And finally, while I’m typing up this better-late-than-never-fest, very nearly a year ago I provided the voice of Daniel in this Knightmare audio series:

It’s amazing the things that pop up when you finally get around to sorting out your emails.



    • Damon Wakes

      Oh, yeah! It’s been kind of exhausting, but definitely good fun. I’m planning to mostly focus on the course for at least the next little while, but most things–the jewellery for example–I should be able to pick up again later on when I’ve got a little more time to focus on it. Until then there’s always commissions, and I’ll probably do the odd few bits and pieces just for fun.

      Hope you have a good year too!

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