Bad Journey, Good Luck

My journey to university comes in two chunks: a bus to the nearest train station, then a train into the city. By car, it takes twenty minutes or so. By public transport I’ve got to head off about an hour and a half before I need to be there. It’s actually not that bad since I can use the time to catch up on reading and/or pick stuff up from the shops on the way.

But yesterday I had a perfect storm of mishaps that really screwed things up. I had intended to go in an hour early and see if I could work on my current coursework project (which involves Twine) on the university computers. However, I’d forgotten that the buses come slightly earlier in the hour if it’s earlier in the day, so I missed the one I was aiming for. The next one got me into town just in time for the train, but there was nobody selling tickets at the station so I had to queue up to get mine from one of the machines. That took long enough that by the time I got to the platform, the train was just leaving.

Which is where the good luck comes in!

Figuring that I had more than half an hour before the next one, I headed over to the game shop where I worked last Christmas. I’d handed in a CV a while ago hoping to get some more seasonal work, so it seemed like the thing to do would be to follow that up. As it turns out, that was definitely the thing to do. I start tomorrow!

While having a job again will almost certainly force me to prioritise some things (namely the course and the job) over others (the Alterworld collection, my jewellery sales and Beyond the Black Throne), I’m hoping that it won’t totally eat up all the time I could possibly be spending on personal projects. If nothing else, I’m still hoping to produce regular (if nothing else, fortnightly) Black Throne updates, and I’m also hoping to put together something rather ambitious for Christmas this year. I wouldn’t like to spoil the surprise, but as I’ve just got the news and I’m feeling good about this right now, I will mention that I’ve got an entire freakin’ orchestra behind this one. Alright, I’ve got permission to use a wonderful piece of music they’ve already recorded, but I’m still chuffed to have this kind of talent on board, and I’m determined to make the most of it.

So yes. The course is engaging, my own projects are going places, and I’ve got a job again. Things are good right now, even if–perhaps because–public transport can be kind of a nightmare.



  1. 500woerterdiewoche

    Congratulations! I’m happy to hear of your good luck.

    Of course, you know that your fans still expect you to update regularly, right? I mean, what’s this about fortnightly – surely you jest, my friend? We expect to be catered to weekly, at the very least! 😛

    I’m kidding, of course. I think it’s great that you want to keep up the Black Throne despite having less time. It’s just so much fun, and I’d’ve been sad to see it fall by the wayside, so thank you for keeping at it! Just don’t forget to take care of yourself. And if you could eke out the time for a little Alterworld gem every once in a while, I’d be immensely happy. But most of all, congrats on the good luck, and I hope you can make the most of it 🙂

    • Damon Wakes

      Haha! I am actually hoping to not resort to updating Black Throne every other week, but without knowing what the combined job and course workload will be like, it seems worth having a plan for the series rather than just suddenly starting to skip weeks. I definitely don’t want to neglect it either.

      The Alterworld stories are doing really well thanks to the course: a combination of them being easy to write without a massive plan, and a huge number of totally new readers. I’m not releasing everything I write because I’ll eventually be putting a collection on sale, but the stories themselves are coming on nicely. Pretty much the main thing I’ve had to slow down with is Inhuman Resources, but it became clear more than a year ago that that was going to be a big, long-term project, so putting it on hold for the course isn’t that big a deal for me.

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