Bionic Punchline Available Free From Today!

If you liked the stories I posted every day in July, you’ll love this: you can now download the entire collection–Bionic Punchline–free to enjoy on your e-reader, tablet, phone, or just any old computer.

Bionic Punchline eBook Cover

For those of you who didn’t catch every single story this year (and given how many there were, I’m guessing there’s more than a few of you), this is a great opportunity for you to catch up. For any die-hard fans who managed to read all of them, you’ll be pleased to find a never-before-seen introduction to and statistical analysis of the collection. And if that comes as a surprise to you, you may also be interested in OCR is Not the Only Font and Red Herring, because I’ve done this twice already. But don’t worry: it turns out different every time!

OCR is Not the Only Font Cover with coloured OCR (Barbecued Iguana)Red Herring Cover (Barbecued Iguana design)Bionic Punchline eBook Cover


  1. 500woerterdiewoche

    So are you trying to write up a rainbow party? XD Kidding, those covers look great together.

    Is there any way to throw some money your way if I download it? Because I think free is too cheap for what you put into it.

    • Damon Wakes

      Why yes, indeed I am trying to write up a rainbow party. 😀 When I put out Red Herring, somebody pointed out that since I’d done orange and red, I could add a colour to the spectrum with each new edition. Since I was also thinking about paperback design at the time (the original paperback cover for OCR is Not the Only Font had a plain white spine), including a different colour on the spine of each one seemed like a really neat option. The spines are too slim to print the title on there, but now readers can build a rainbow on their shelf!

      If you’d like to support me, I make a (very) small amount in royalties from the paperbacks. However, I have also been thinking of setting up a Patreon (or at least a “donate” button on this site), so that might be another option down the line. But if you really want to help me out right now, the best thing would just be to share the book around. I depend on readers for publicity, so writing a review, posting a link on Facebook, emailing the book to a friend–anything like that would make a big difference. 🙂

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