Flash Fiction Month 2014

Every now and then, when the stars are right, an event rises from the unfathomable depths, glistening with unholy glory. That event is Flash Fiction Month: a month-long challenge for which participants write one piece of flash fiction every single day for the whole of July. I’ve done it twice before, and the results were OCR is Not the Only Font and Red Herring respectively. If you’ve read and enjoyed (any of) either of those, or if you’d just like to jump in and start following my progress this year, I invite you to follow me either here, on Twitter, or on deviantART (where the challenge itself originates).

Also, if you’re a writer yourself, I highly recommend giving the challenge a go. It may be short notice, but a big part of the beauty of Flash Fiction Month is that (unlike National Novel Writing Month), it’s not helpful, practical nor even possible to plan ahead! You just jump right in and see where each day takes you.

Also, Spoiler Alert, the first game you’ll ever uncomplete is now available on Steam for the kingly sum of £4.99, and until the 7th of July it’s only £3.99! Go get it here, or find out more in this blog post.


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