Winchester Writers’ Festival Swag

Well, it’s been a month (almost to the day) since I mentioned that I’d be attending the Winchester Writers’ Festival this year. With just under a week left before the event, I’m pleased to say that that month has been spent productively. Behold:

FFM Paperbacks Front

Brand spanking new Flash Fiction Month paperbacks with brand spanking new covers designed by the amazing JD McDonnel. The one on the right is particularly noteworthy because until just now Red Herring didn’t even have a paperback. Even though it’s been out for the best part of a year. Yeeeeeeah. I’ll admit, I kind of dropped the ball on that one. But since the ebook is plastered all over the internet for free, the paperback just wasn’t a priority. That said,  if you do fancy getting one, they’re priced extremely low and the wraparound covers will look lovely on your shelf.

FFM Paperbacks Spine

You can tell I’m a pretty big Walter Moers fan. You can also tell which book is OCR is Not the Only Font and which is Red Herring since the new cover design offers something other than a blank white spine. I’ve got plans to use the same design for subsequent instalments in the Flash Fiction Month series (not that you have to read them in order), and they’ll eventually form a pretty little reverse rainbow on the shelf. Apologies if you already have a copy of the original OCR, but on the bright side those are no longer being printed and therefore comparatively rare.

FFM Paperbacks Back

The cover image continues over to the back of the books, adding a colourful accent to the blurb. Though you’ll probably notice that I try to make my blurbs colourful even without the image.

But wait, there’s more Writers’ Festival swag to come!

Selected Stories CD Case

Using my vast knowledge of fiddling with computers for several days until they eventually to do the thing I want them to do, I have produced a CD. This disc features a whole host of goodies! As well as some choice pieces from my steadily growing range of readily available work–that is to say, stuff anyone could get on the internet for free anyway–it includes the complete text of Face of Glass.

Selected Stories CD Disc

As the case insert might suggest, however, it doesn’t end there. The disc will also work as a regular audio CD, playing The Three Tales from Face of Glass. With a 40 minute total runtime, this is perhaps the main feature of the disc. This audio version of the three tales was originally planned as a nod towards the storytelling theme running through the novel, but the actual process of recording them made me realise that they form a substantial work in their own right. Though I will almost certainly make this audio version available online at some point, I think it’s really best listened to away from the computer, somewhere comfy. The CD is handy for this, though obviously sticking the files on an MP3 player would be just as good.

I’ll be handing out a limited number of these discs at the festival, so if you’re reading this and you’ll be there, let me know (in the comments, on Twitter, anywhere really) so I can save one for you. Otherwise, your best chance to grab one is probably at the open mic night on Friday: I’ll definitely be there, and there’s (almost) no chance I’ll have blown through my whole supply by that point.


  1. 500woerterdiewoche

    Walter Moers all the way! Also, I’d love to meet you there and get some of that nice stuff, but there’s water separating us, and witches can’t cross water. Anyway, best wishes for the festival! I hope you’ll enjoy your time there and get to know interesting and/or useful people.

    • Damon Wakes

      Yeah, that’s not exactly the kind of journey you’d make on a whim. Plus, there’ll always be other opportunities: I’m hoping to make it to more events soon. The main thing stopping me is money, though I was fortunate enough to get a bursary for this one.

      I really need to re-read Rumo. The only thing that puts me off is that there’s no way it could possibly be as good as reading it for the first time.

  2. ameliamackenzie

    Those paperbacks look lovely! That CD must have been a lot of work, but it does seem like an excellent way to get your work ‘out there’. People may not have time out to sit back and read a book, but it’s easy to stick a CD in the car and listen on the way to work. Hope you enjoy the festival. 🙂

    • Damon Wakes

      The CD was a -ridiculous- amount of work, if I’m honest. It was supposed to be a quick and easy freebie, but ended up taking the best part of two weeks to produce. Combining audio and data on one disc took a significant amount of digital voodoo to pull off, and then burning it onto a format that any CD player could handle turned out to be an even bigger hurdle.

      I think it was worthwhile, though: I can burn that image as many times as I like for pennies a disc. Also, I’m confident I can add more books or recordings to later editions without too much faff. And as you say, just being able to shove it in a CD player is a huge bonus. People can hear The Three Tales without too much trouble, and if they want to read the whole book afterwards then it’s there waiting for them.

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